Playing in Our Winter Wonderland


Many folks are naturally looking for fun things to do in the snow. Besides the classic downhill skiing or snowboarding at local resorts, there are many other fun things to do in the snow.  After 33 years of being in the business, we have a multitude of ideas to share with you. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to call us for more information, directions, etc.

Snowshoeing In and Near Boulder

Did you know that if you can walk, you can snowshoe? It is the easiest snowsport to learn yet the most aerobic to participate in. We rent snowshoes for children and adults with models that support various weights and aerobic levels. There are many, many Open Space trails and designated areas that provide a wonderful adventure that can last from an hour to all day. If there is snow on the ground in Boulder, check out the trails in Eldorado Canyon, Shannahan Ridge, Chautauqua and Wonderland Hills. Near Boulder you can hop on trails at Eldora Mountain Resort (there is a fee), Brainard Lake or Rocky Mountain National Park. For additional information about snowshoeing, click here.

Cross Country Skiing In and Near Boulder
Another easy snowsport to learn but you can cover more terrain than snowshoeing because it is faster and smoother. At Crystal Ski Shop, we have a brand new inventory of cross country rental skis and boots for all levels. Besides the trails open to snowshoeing, there are several designated cross country ski and skating areas that are maintained by groups. Call us for more information and directions to these areas.

Ice Skating In and Near Boulder
Boulder, Louisville, Flatiron Crossing Mall and Longmont are blessed with wonderful outdoor skating rinks. We do not rent ice skates but they are available at each of these rinks for a nominal charge. For more information about ice skating in Boulder County, please click on their respective websites here:

Ice Rink at Downtown Boulder One Plaza

Downtown Louisville

Flatiron Crossing Mall

Longmont Parks Roosevelt Skating Pavilion

Fraser Tubing Hill
In Fraser, Colorado (just past the Winter Park Ski Area on Highway 40) there is a wonderful phenomenon called the Fraser Tubing Hill. This no frills facility includes a large lit tubing hill with various levels of steepness and a inner tube specific tow rope for the participants. Our kids love this place and it is a great “day off” from skiing activity that just requires you to sit in a tube and scream with joy. A few tips about this place: call ahead to make sure it is open and you can make reservations. They can close it due to harsh weather conditions. Also, it is almost always VERY cold at the tubing hill. There is a reason that Fraser has been fondly named the “ice box” of the country. There is no official website for the Fraser Tubing Hill but here is some more information that I dug up:Call 970-726-5954 for more details and confirmation of hours. Hourly rates are $17 for adults and $15 for children. Credit Cards are not accepted.

The tubing hill itself is a groomed, lighted hillside, “smooth and slippery”, with a convenient tube-tow lift system that attaches to the tube itself to transport you back up top the top. From there, you speed down the hill in a large inflated inner tube (supplied) with an adrenalin buzz that is guaranteed to put a huge smile on your face! Descend individually, in tandems, or group “clusters” where the speeds are the highest, and the run-outs the longest! The Fraser tubing hill is located 1/2 mile behind the Alco shopping center, and served by the free shuttle bus system that operates throughout the valley during the day and night. An exciting fun activity for all the family, during the height of the season the tubing hill is open daily, although operating hours vary. A warming house, hot drinks and snacks are also available.



Denver Zoo
Some may not know that the Denver Zoo is open 365 days per year. As members, we frequent the zoo often during all seasons. Believe it or not, this mother’s favorite time to go is in the fall, winter, and spring when the temperature is about 40-50 degrees F. I find that the animals are livelier during the cool seasons; especially the polar bears, penguins and seals. Also, the crowds are minimal so you can take your time at each of the exhibits. The Denver Zoo has some special events during this season including Zoo Lights which is a spectacular night time Holiday Lights display throughout the zoo facility. For more information about this and other Zoo happenings, go to the Denver Zoo website.

So, as you can see there is no reason for you to sit around and get cabin fever this winter. There is SO much to do. We want to encourage you to get out and have fun so give us a call for ideas and to answer any of you questions. Playing in our Winter Wonderland is SO cool, so just get out and do it!

If you would like to rent snowsport equipment from us, we highly encourage you to make reservations so we can have the equipment setup and ready for pickup. To reach our online reservation system, click here.

Remember, when submitting online reservations, they must be sent to us AT LEAST 48 hours in advance and you will enjoy a 20% discount on your entire rental order. We are open every day during the holidays including Christmas Day and New Years Day.