Snowshoeing and Cross-Country (Nordic) Skiing In Colorado

Snowshoeing is Older Then Dirt

Ever since the first North Americans traveled across the Bering Strait, over 6,000 years ago, people have enjoyed the benefits of snowshoes. Back then, snowshoes were a vital form of travel and today they are a vital form of winter recreation. The early snowshoes were modeled after animal paws, with wood frames and animal hide lace decking. Today, the activity of snowshoeing is one of the fastest growing sports, mostly due to the new lightweight materials and streamlined designs that allow anyone to enjoy the activity.



Did you know that if you can walk, you can snowshoe? It is the easiest snowsport to learn yet the most aerobic to participate in. We rent snowshoes for children and adults with models that support various weights and aerobic levels. There are many, many Open Space trails and designated areas that provide a wonderful adventure that can last from an hour to all day. If there is snow on the ground in Boulder, check out the trails in Eldorado Canyon, Shannahan Ridge, Chautauqua and Wonderland Hills. Near Boulder you can hop on trails at Eldora Mountain Resort (there is a fee), Brainard Lake or Rocky Mountain National Park which have great snow throughout the winter.
Cross Country, or Nordic, skiing is another easy snowsport to learn but you can cover more terrain than snowshoeing because it is faster and smoother. Besides the trails open to snowshoeing, there are several designated nordic ski and skating areas that are maintained by groups. Call us for more information and directions to these areas.




You Can’t Beat the Fitness Benefits

The physical benefits of snowshoeing and cross country skiing are numerous. They are low impact, high-energy activities that can be done at any pace and by any person, no matter the fitness level. You can burn up to 1,000 calories an hour while snowshoeing!  We live in an ideal area where you can get away for a few hours, get a great workout, and see some spectacular winter scenery. From families to social groups, everyone has fun snowshoeing or cross country skiing!

We Can Set You Up

We are proud to carry snowshoes manufactured by a local Boulder company, Crescent Moon. All of our snowshoes are user friendly, lightweight, comfortable and extremely durable. We even carry snowshoes for children as young as age two!


At Crystal Ski Shop, we have a brand new inventory of cross country rental skis and boots for all levels.

We take the time to discuss with you how to adjust your shoes and skis, what to wear, how to use poles, efficient technique and good places to go in the area. If you have been considering trying these wintersports, come by and we can set you up! Happy Trails!