Ski and Snowboard Tuning, Repairs, and Binding Mounts

A qualified staff, top-of-the-line equipment and friendly service

Now is the time to get your skis and snowboards tuned for the season. All of our expert mechanics and technicians are certified, experienced professionals who focus on the safety and careful treatment of your equipment.

We can tune your skis or snowboard, repair major and minor base and edge damage, adjust your bindings and put them through an ASTM torque test and mount your bindings. We feature a Montana Saphir Automated Tuner, Montana P50 belt grinder, a Montana Ski/Snowboard Edge Grinder, and a Montana “Crystal Glide Finish” Stone Grinding machine (we didn’t make that up, it’s really what they call it).

Basic Tune
Side and base edge sharpen, base belt grind, stone grind pattern, machine wax $40
Full Tune 
Side and base edge sharpen, P-tex scratch repair , base belt grind, stone grind pattern, polish belt grind, infrared wax $70
“nine 2 five” Tune
Same day tune!  Drop off before work, pick up on your way home.  No extras or add-ons, just enough for that spur of the moment trip.  Weekdays only, must be checked in by 9am, picked up after 5pm.  Side and base edge sharpen, base belt grind, stone grind pattern, machine wax. $60
Core Shots/Major Repairs (added to Basic/Full Tune)
P-Tex Core Shot (1 inch/$12 minimum) $15/inch
 Epoxy Core Shot (1 inch/$12 minimum) $15/inch

Edge Repair – no replacement (1 inch/$30 minimum)

Edge Replacement (1 inch/$50 minimum)



All Basic and Full Tunes come with a wax included, but our waxing services are also available independently.   Your equipment won’t always need a tune, but it will always benefit from some wax.  Moving slow?  Maybe a good wax is all you need.  We can help assess your equipment on check-in.

Machine Hot Wax $6
Infrared Wax (wax rubbed on then heated with infrared bulbs) $15
Iron-On Wax (not quite as traditional as pine tar, but does a thorough job) $30
Upgrade Full Tune from Infrared to Iron-On Wax add $15

Ski bindings need to be professionally mounted and regularly tested.   We have a large collection of templates to mount almost any binding and calibrated testing equipment to ensure proper it’s proper function.  Don’t forget to bring your boot!

Binding Check (included in all mounts listed below) $25
Track Mount (track comes pre-mounted) $30
Alpine Binding Mount (on brand new skis) $65
Alpine Binding Re-Mount (up to three mounts per ski) $75
Tech Binding Mount (on brand new skis) $75
Tech Binding Re-Mount (up to three mounts per ski) $85
Snowboard Binding Mount and optional instruction $25

Additional major repairs are quoted on a case-by-case basis. We can repair blown edges, major base gouges (with p-tex welds or epoxy repairs), etc.  Call or stop by for an estimate of these additional services.