Closing Time… you don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.

Crystal Ski Shop is closing for the summer months once again.  It’s been a great season filled with plenty of snow, thanks for sharing it with us.

Our LAST DAYS OF OPERATION are as follows:  Wednesday May 7th, 12-6pm

                                                                                         Thursday May 8th, 12-6pm

                                                                                         Friday May 9th, 12-6pm


If you have seasonal rentals out for this past winter still, please call us at (303) 449-7669 to schedule a time to drop them off or renew for next season.  Renewing for next season is discounted; and gives you the option to keep your current equipment until next fall, when you can swap it out for different sizes and freshly tuned gear.  Call us for pricing and details.


Combination of Fresh Snow and Sunshine is making for great trips to the hills!


The snow at the ski hill has been phenomenal and there are plenty of you that have taken advantage.  I70 traffic has had its troubles but that hasn’t translated to the same crowds on the slopes.  There is plenty of room for everybody on the mountain to have a wonderful day of skiing.  If you’re still not convinced and want to avoid the beaten path, all your favorite trails have a really solid snowpack right now and offer great, less crowded, experiences for snowshoe or cross-country (Nordic) day trips.  As many of you know, we rent it all.  And if you need anything tuned or fixed, we do that too.  Come see us the night before your adventure and we’ll get you out the door at the best value available (check in tunes and repairs earlier in the week for an earlier return date).


Floods, Blizzards, and Deep Freeze….. Oh my!

There has been plenty to mark this season as memorable.  Are you putting your own personal touch on it?  If you haven’t been out to enjoy the epic winter we’re having what are you waiting for?  Now is the time to take advantage, don’t be the one next year that’s listening to all of your friends say how much better the snow was last season.  Snowshoe and Cross-Country trails have a solid snowpack and offer great experiences as alternatives to fighting for space at the resorts.  Whatever your fancy, let us take care of your gear for rentals or tuning.  

How to tell if you need a Tune-up or Repair: Pre-season tips

Rust Ski edit
A word from our Tuners: How to tell if you need a Tune-up
I could go with the simple answer here and tell you that it’s October, you haven’t touched your skis since April, so your skis (or board, I don’t judge) could use some love.  While that probably applies to 95% of you, we know that it’s not realistic to get a tune every time you could use a tune.  If you only allocate one or two tune-ups per season, here are some helpful pointers on how to tell if you need some work or can wait for a few more ski days.
#1)  Inspect clearly visible damage:  This applies to all parts of your equipment.  Look for any damage from impact on your top skin, bases, edges, and tip/tail.  Specifically, you are trying to identify if there is any opening that’s been exposed from a cut, impact, or separation and would allow moisture to work it’s way underneath.  This can, nay, will get worse over time if left unattended.  If you find any cracks or holes on any part of your board or ski, stop right here.  You’re done with inspection and you need to bring your gear in for an epoxy repair to re-seal the damaged area.
#2)  Inspect edges for rust build-up:  There are a lot of misconceptions about ski maintenance out there, among my [least] favorites is the notion that you can just “ski off your rust.”  Sometimes this is true; but more often than not, if you’ve noticed rust, it’s beyond “skiing it off.”  Here’s the difference you can look for:  rust you can ski off looks only like a rust colored water spot on your metal edge.  You can still see metal underneath it and could get most of it off with a rag if you tried scrubbing it.  Any more rust than that falls under “needing attention” at the very least.  If you can see any rust build-up and it has a granulated feel when you run your finger over it, you need to ski a ski-doctor at Crystal’s right away.
#3)  Is the base too dry?:  There are two key indicators that will give you an idea one way or the other when it comes to deciding  if you could use a grind and wax.  First, is there a white film or surface color that almost resembles dry skin?  This will be easier to distinguish on dark or black base colors, but still exists on clear or white bases.  This is the result of carbon leaving the base of your ski or board while gliding across snow.  The generally colder and harder snow grains that we get in Colorado exacerbates this problem.  Second, while looking closely at the profile of your equipment, you may see little fibers or ‘hairs’ sticking up.  You can also feel this really easily if you run your hand back and forth across the base material.  If either the white color or the hairy texture exists, you’re going to suffer in the long run without a grind and thorough waxing.
#4)  Binding Safety:  This probably shouldn’t be as low as number four on the list, but it has less to do with tuning for performance and durability of your equipment, and more to do with your personal safety and the amount of risk you are willing to undertake.  I’ll start off with what should be fairly common sense: if you’ve done and/or can see damage to your binding, you need to have one of our certified professionals look at it.  You likely will need a part replacement or full set replacement if this is the case.  Beyond that, manufacturers recommend you get a binding check performed on your equipment about every 6 days of skiing or after any crash that resulted in an ejection.  I know that sounds like a lot, but that’s where you have to make your decision on how worried you want to be about your bindings and the connected body parts.  The professional in me would tell you to get it done early and often.
If you have gotten all the way through this list without finding any of the cues that you need a tune-up, you’ve either done a good job storing your equipment for the summer or a poor job inspecting it.  If it’s the former, go enjoy your early season days and come back to see us once you’ve put some of those early season scratches in your base.  That way you can have them in near-mint condition for the peak of the season, when you’d be able to enjoy a perfectly tuned ski on the best snow conditions possible.
Thanks for reading this edition of “Word from your Tuners.”  We’re looking forward to seeing you (and your skis) soon.
Justin B.

Who says you don’t have friends on a Powder Day!?!


We’re your best resource for days like this!  We’ve got a great selection of powder skis to choose from.  We keep them around all year, just waiting for these few great opportunities to rent them out.    Come in and check out our freshy pow options from Icelantic, Rossignol, and Hart.  

It’s also a great day to get out locally.  Come rent some snowshoes or a cross country package… who knows, it could be faster than driving to work!

For you Back-Country explorers, we’ve got AT packages and skins, along with beacons, shovels, and probes for your off-piste adventures.  But be safe out there….. the CAIC is reporting considerable avalanche danger for the front range.  Their website states that it is very easy to trigger large avalanches with our current conditions; the snow pack is very inconsistent and prone to sliding.  For more information, check out:

Notice to Air Travelers: Airlines Charging Big Fees for Checked Skis and Heavy Bags

If you have upcoming plans to travel with your snowsport equipment, note that there are big changes in the airline rules for oversized bags (like skis and snowboards) and heavy bags that perhaps contain ski boots and other equipment. It is important that you check with your airline (each airline is different) and understand the specific rules (dimensions, weights, quantities) for bags and the fees associated with them. For example, United Airlines charges ski/board bags and boot bags with no extra items in them as a checked item(with size and weight restrictions) and will charge for each additional bag. If you are traveling to Colorado, you may find that renting equipment (with us, hopefully!) is more cost effective than bringing your own equipment. With our new online reservation system you can easily reserve your equipment with us and enjoy a 20% discount off our regular prices.

Get your “5th Graders Ski FREE” in Colorado Passport

You don’t need to be smarter than a 5th grader to figure out what a great deal this is! Colorado Ski Country USA provides every 5th Grader in the State of Colorado a passport that allows each kid to ski or ride 63 days for free this season. The passport works at 21 participating resorts in Colorado and you get coupons for equipment, lessons, lodging, etc. There are no strings attached to this deal, just our trade organization trying to promote snowsports to the next generation of skiers and riders.

Registration for 2010-2011 season passes has begun! They ran out of passes last year so make sure you get your application in early this fall! In previous years it took 2-3 weeks to receive the pass.

Great Deal for 6th Graders!!!

The deals continue with the 6th graders Colorado Passport. This offer includes 4 days at each of the participating resorts in Colorado for only $99! WOW, that’s 84 days of skiing for less than $2.00 a day!

Don’t Get “Cold Feet” For Winter Sports




If we could offer a simple formula for guaranteed success doing any snowsport, the formula would include the simple variable called Socks. Even though the technology and insulation has improved in downhill ski boots, snowboard boots and cross country ski boots, a good pair of socks is still essential. One pair of lightweight or medium weight socks works best for skiing, snowboarding or snowshoeing. Socks are made from a variety of materials, including polyester, silk and wool. Socks designed specifically for snow sports have wicking properties similar to thermal underwear, meaning your feet will stay drier and more comfortable. The most important thing to remember about socks is “DON’T WEAR COTTON!” Cotton does not wick, absorbs water, is not insulative and stays cold when it is wet.

There are many snowsport sock companies out there and we have tested and researched most of them. We offer for sale, versatile, warm, durable socks for all snowsports at a very reasonable price.  

“Winter Feels Good” Website Provides Great Snowsports Info.

Winter Feels Good in so many ways. It’s good for the heart, the head and the soul. But before you head for the hills—or even your own backyard—there are things you should know. We have found a wonderful organization and website that promotes winter fitness and activities to the general public. With plain language, interactive tools, and even games for the kids, they introduce you to the sports and provide you with great information that will make your snow-time fun and safe!

Check out the website and find out that Winter Feels Real Good!

Ski mountain conditions from Denver Snow Service