Notice to Air Travelers: Airlines Charging Big Fees for Checked Skis and Heavy Bags

If you have upcoming plans to travel with your snowsport equipment, note that there are big changes in the airline rules for oversized bags (like skis and snowboards) and heavy bags that perhaps contain ski boots and other equipment. It is important that you check with your airline (each airline is different) and understand the specific rules (dimensions, weights, quantities) for bags and the fees associated with them. For example, United Airlines charges ski/board bags and boot bags with no extra items in them as a checked item(with size and weight restrictions) and will charge for each additional bag. If you are traveling to Colorado, you may find that renting equipment (with us, hopefully!) is more cost effective than bringing your own equipment. With our new online reservation system you can easily reserve your equipment with us and enjoy a 20% discount off our regular prices.

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