Skinny on Shape Skis

What’s the Buzz?

With all of the catchy phrases being hurled about, not many understand what all of the hype is about with this new technology in ski design. After all, skis are skis, right? Wrong. Shaped skis have pumped new life into what seemed to be a predictable sport. The dramatic difference in these skis is simply the shape. With wide tips and tails, necked down to a skinny midsection under your feet, parabolic skis offer more edge to grip the snow and ice while the skier is turning. The result is an extremely stable, quick and effortless turn.


You’re Already Better

Many who have left the sport of skiing due to injuries, especially knee injuries, have enthusiastically returned with a new vigor. Also, many new skiers are impressed with the accelerated learning, and confidence that is gained on the shape skis. Those who are on the verge of consistent parallel turns find themselves pushed over the edge the first time they jump on these skis. “With shape skis everyone’s ability has jumped 20 percent. Their confidence level and their ability. They don’t get as tired, they don’t have to work as hard, but they can still charge,” explains Doug Coombs, two time World Extreme Skiing Champion.

Give ‘Em a Shot

After years of experiencing demos and testimony of our customers, we here at Crystal Ski Shop have jumped on the bandwagon, and now exclusively offer a wide selection and number of shape skis in our daily and seasonal rental packages. Come in and give them a try. We will be happy to spend time with you to explain the differences of each ski.