Fitness Ideas for Skiers


Skiing Muscles are Special

We’ve all done it. The snow begins to fall, and we anxiously jump on our boards for the first time that season. After a day of skiing like we never had a break from the sport, we start to pay the price; our quads are burning, our butts are stiff and we begin to endure days of recovery. Hey, let’s all avoid this rite of passage and think about getting in shape early this season. It is surprising how many exercises off the slopes really help improve our performance on the slopes.Whether you are a fresh beginner or seasoned powder hound, the muscles needed for carving are the same for everyone. The key areas for a skier’s strength are quads, hamstrings, glutes, abs, balance and endurance. Focus on these areas will help in improving your performance, and reducing the chance for injury during the ski season. Ideally, you want to meet with a trainer to help you customize a workout for your specific needs. Local rec. centers and gyms have trainers available at very reasonable rates. There are a variety of exercises that are best done on weight machines, but there are also many exercises that can be done at home.

Routine is Everything

The key to making a fitness routine work is to keep doing it. That sounds simplistic, but no matter how good your intentions are, if you don’t get out and do it, you won’t realize the rewards. The secret is variety. Change your routine so you don’t get bored. That will keep you coming back. Experts agree that cross training is the best all-around approach. So mix it up and keep it fun!

Here are a few skiing related exercises to get you going:

Quads: Leg press, lunges (especially with weights in your hands), one legged knee bend, roller-blading, biking.

Glutes: Squats (especially with weights), roller-blading.

Abs: stomach crunches, knee raises from a bar overhead, picking up your kid! Hamstrings: lunges, leg press.

Balance: sitting and horizontal exercises with a large fitness ball, wobble board (available for purchase at Crystal Ski Shop!) and Bongo Board (available for purchase at Crystal Ski Shop!)

Endurance: Any aerobic exercise; running, biking, roller-blading, swimming, aerobics, spinning, etc.

Want Some Inspiration? Rent a Warren Miller video and get yourself motivated. Ski season is here!