Helpful Hints

  1.  Have your skis waxed and tuned (by us!): and they will turn more easilyand be less grabby in soft snow. 

  2. Have the bindings checked by a professional (us!) to make sure they are set properly.

  3. Stretch and warm up prior to skiing. After a long cold lift ride to the top, do 10-15 quarter deep knee bends to warm up your quadriceps and knees, and stretch again prior to your first run.

  4. Ski easy runs in the beginning of the season until your timing, strength and coordination return.

  5. Take a lesson to brush up on proper technique.

  6. Ski in control and know the skier’s responsibility code.

  7. Drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration which may increase fatigue.

  8. Ski easy runs later in the day when you are tired.

  9. Avoid alcohol prior to skiing. It can lower blood temperature and decrease coordination.

  10. Know your terrain.  Even in the familiar ski areas snow conditions may change from day to day. The first run of the day should not be on the most difficult slope.

  11. Don’t forget the sun screen for your face, nose and ears and head. Also, eye protection is essential.