Helmets Get You Ahead


Are Helmets an Overprotective Craze?

 In recent years, it seems that the newspaper and TV headlines have been plastered with announcements of ski injuries or deaths caused by head injuries on the slopes. Is the new emphasis on ski helmets just a fanatical craze, or a legitimate safeguard against growing dangers on the slopes? 

Safety First



At Crystal Ski Shop, we don’t think you can take safety too seriously. We recognize the trend of various snowsport activities on the slopes, such as snowboards, ski boards and telemark that change the flow and activity on the slopes. These different modes of getting down the mountain often cause miscommunication or false anticipation of oncoming people. Also, the speeds of the travel on the slopes often vary greatly. As a result, more accidents are occurring. The statistics show that helmets are saving people from head injuries, especially children who have softer skulls. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recently conducted a study and determined that helmets could protect against 44 percent of head injuries among all skiers and boarders and up to 53 percent of those head injuries among children up to age 15. 

All Helmets are Not Equal 

In response to the demand, and industry reports and recommendations, we offer helmets for rent or purchase. We have rigorously researched the many helmets that are on the market and have found that not all helmets are made the same. Unlike bicycle or motorcycle helmets, there is no safety standard for snowsport helmets. A cheap snowsport helmet, with substandard design and materials, may not provide any protection during a collision or fall. Look for a SNELL RS-98 or ASTM F2040 sticker on the inside of the helmet to make sure it provides proper protection.  

Giro Helmets Have Strong Track Record   

Fortunately, there are some manufacturers who feel the same way we do about safety. We offer Giro helmets, for adults and children, to purchase or rent. Giro has a strong track record producing safe, high performance bicycle helmets and we have found their snowsport helmets are the most adaptable for goggles, provide a clear view and unobstructed head movement, do not obstruct your hearing, and are affordably priced. Also, in recent years, Giro has made many advances in mold designs, adjustability (especially for children), and overall fit, comfort and durability for many great days of skiing or snowboarding.

Proper Fit is Essential
We know that it is essential that you have a proper fit when renting or purchasing a helmet. Again, without this careful attention to fit and head coverage, a helmet may not offer any protection during a collision or fall. We take the time to measure your, or your child’s, head and allow you try on the helmet before you rent or purchase it.  Give us a call or stop by, as we would be happy to discuss these important issues with you.

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