Updates Regarding Temporary Relocation


Update 4/3/23 @ 7:00am

We’re back!  We’ve moved back to our home, sweet home.  All services, rental gear, and retail items are available as normal.  Thanks for your support and your patience through this unique challenge.  

Update 3/31/23 @ 11:30am

Our permanent location (1933 28th St.) is almost ready for us to move back in and we couldn’t be more excited.  We will begin our move back after closing on Monday April 3rd.  Beginning Tuesday April 4th at 7am we will be open for rentals at our normal location.  All rentals picked up at our temporary location prior to closing on Monday April 3rd will need to be returned to our permanent location on Tuesday April 4th or after.  Reservations will continue to be accepted and honored throughout our move.  Tuning and repair services will be temporarily suspended for a few days as we move machines and get the tune shop setup again.  We will continue to update throughout the moving process.  Thanks for your patience and understanding, we look forward to getting back to normal and fulfilling all of your ski shop needs.

Update 3/10/23 @ 11:30am

There’s been substantial progress towards recovery and rebuild at our normal location.  We are being told the unit may be ready in a week or two.  When we get final confirmation of the date of completion we will plan our move back.  We are currently formulating a plan to reduce down time during the move and maintain some level of operations throughout.  Please check for updates prior to your visit starting late next week.  

We’ve got all winter rental options available at our temporary location (old Bed Bath & Beyond space, next door to REI).  Phones are fully operational.  Reservations are operating as normal, and of course walk-in rentals are always welcome.  Our merchandise selection is fully available.  Tuning operations are still limited but available.  Please call or stop by in person to discuss tuning availability and turnaround.  (303) 449-7669.


Update 2/11/23 @ 1pm

We have a temporary phone in place using our normal number, (303) 449-7669.  We’re still waiting for Comcast to get all of our handsets and hardware setup, so we are currently limited to one prepaid phone that’s receiving all of our calls.  If you happen to call at the same time as another customer please try us back in a minute or two, we’re happy to chat with you as soon as we have the line freed up again.  As always, we appreciate your patience and understanding.  We hope to have a fully functional phone service soon.  

Update 2/10/23 @ 5pm

Reservation system is LIVE!
Things are progressing nicely at our temporary location. We now have our reservation system live again. All previously submitted reservations are accounted for, no need to re-submit them. You can now make reservations 48 hours in advance of your rental day. Walk-ins are welcome anytime after 2pm the day before your rental.
We’ve got options available in all our rental packages. Stop in for all your winter gear rental needs.
We expect phones to be up and running late this evening. Apologies for the long delay with this.
Our tuning and repair services are limited to binding mounts/adjustments, waxes, and top skin repairs. All basic, full tunes, or major repairs that require the machines are still temporarily suspended. We are still continuing to gather information and assess damage. We are working towards solutions but we don’t expect to be tuning for the next few days at a minimum.
Thanks so much for your patience and understanding through all of the ups and downs. We’re happy to be as operational as we are. Your visit would mean the world to us, come see us if you need any gear.
Thanks and best wishes to all,
Justin and the crew at Crystal

Update 2/8/23 @ 8pm

New (temporary) Home!
Just across the parking lot at 1741 28th Street
I’m happy to announce we’ll be open at 7am tomorrow morning! A huge thanks to the crew for being so adaptable and working so hard to get us moved and setup at our temporary location.
We’re right next to REI, in the old Bed Bath & Beyond store. Thanks to Tebo Properties for helping us with a great solution so close to home.
Luckily our sprinklers didn’t turn on which meant the water coming through to us was more isolated (sorta). The vast majority of our inventory was unaffected and is already available at the temporary location. Additionally, we’ve got lots of stock from our off-site storage. There will still be some setup going on and some wrinkles being ironed out, but we’ll be at full rental capacity going into the weekend.
We’re still working on some solutions for our phones. Right now the parts aren’t expected for a few days and our hardware was lost to water. We much prefer to answer all your questions quickly, so we’ll continue to explore options tomorrow.
Our outlook on tuning capabilities is less clear. We will be able to do mounts, waxes, and other work that doesn’t require the grinders at the new location. For now all Basic and Full Tune check-ins are suspended.
Thanks for the love and encouragement that so many of you have expressed in person and from afar. We feel very fortunate in so many ways and are pleased we can get back to skis and snowboards tomorrow. Keep posted for more updates or come visit so we can get you situated for your next outing.
Very thankful,

Update 2/8/23 @ 1pm

Due to flooding of our carpets and walls, we’re closed today, Wednesday Feb. 8th, except for tune pick-ups.
We woke up to unfortunate circumstances this morning. Our carpets and walls were flooded due to an upstairs neighbor’s sprinklers. While all the businesses in our building are affected, very fortunately the building was empty and no one was hurt.
We have been working diligently to respond this morning and are preparing to temporarily move into a vacant unit across the parking lot to 1741 28th Street. Many of you will know this as the old Bed Bath & Beyond location, right next to REI. We are planning to open there tomorrow morning. As of this time, we are hopeful we will only be at the temporary location for a couple weeks.
We sincerely apologize for all the inconvenience and confusion this causes. Our crew is working hard today to reduce the interruption to your winter season. We’re excited to return to the same great service you’ve always been able to count on us for.
Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding. Very special thanks to all of you for the support and encouragement now and over the years. We want to get back to being your ski shop as soon as possible.
With much love and appreciation,
Justin and the crew at Crystal

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